“Having critical conversations early on ensures that your expectations are exceeded at all points along the journey!”

"Healthy relationships are based on trust, transparent communication, and good listening"

There is no difference in the custom home building communication process between building a new home and renovating an existing one. It involves a collaborative three-fold partnership between owner, architect, and Lamar Valley Craftsman, with each party owning a supporting side and depending on the other to maintain the integrity of the whole.

Three-way Communication

From the very first meeting, whether we work with your architect or use one of our numerous design relationships in Northern Colorado for your custom home, our process respects the critical importance of three-way communication and flow of information between all parties.

  • The client’s job is to communicate their vision of their custom home with the team: ideas, thoughts, feelings, family needs, finish selections, and budget restrictions.
  • The architect’s job is to listen and capture these ideas and create a plan for space layout, while at the same time considering technical aspects of the project and budget restrictions.
  • Lamar Valley Craftsman’s job is to orchestrate this process and intently focus on implementing the architect’s vision, translate 2D into 3D, and to preserve the intent of the design in the process while balancing the needs of the client.

This journey of relationship hinges on open communication and, in the end, produces a successful project of meticulous craftsmanship and quality. We look forward to journeying with you!