Excellence in Building – The Art & Craft of Custom Homes “Attention to Detail is Everything”

"The smallest of details often bring the greatest delight to you, the homeowner"

Your Idea, Vision, Memory

The process behind our custom home craftsmanship starts with an idea, a vision, a memory from your childhood, your love of water, the peace and tranquility of reading a good book in a sunlit window seat – anything that creates an expectation of how the final product will look and feel.

We listen to your words, understand your thoughts and feelings, and take them and incorporate them into a detailed action plan that creates a road map for delivering you all of your expectations. These details speak to the care and perfection of a custom home’s craftsmanship and construction.

Detailed Checklist System

To ensure that all of your home details are 100% complete and to control the quality of the work performed by our trade partners, we have composed a highly detailed checklist system. The Lamar Valley Craftsman Project Manual is a quality control manual more than 240 pages long of pre-construction details, scope of work requirements, and inspection checklists of completed items. Our manual ensures nothing is missed along the way and each of our clients’ projects is built to our level of excellence. Each section of this manual also has specific items outlined for remodel projects only. Materials, process, and the nuances of building are all covered because of the years of experience our team brings to each project.

We Build To Preserve The Inspiration

There is nothing as satisfying as a century-old home that looks and functions the way it did the day it was made. By using the finest materials and executing meticulous custom home craftsmanship, we build to preserve the inspiration behind the design for decades to come.