Home Building and Remodeling Costs

"Stewardship of your resources and time is our top priority"

Open Book Pricing

We believe in open book pricing for all our construction projects. All Lamar Valley Craftsman clients receive our direct pricing from every vendor and trade contractor for labor, materials and finishes.  We believe creating a solid relationship sets the stage for a successful project outcome, and taking this transparent/open book pricing approach releases you to make decisions based on relevant marketplace costs, and not leave you wondering if you are getting fair pricing.

Full Transparency

Our invoicing process reflects full transparency of all costs associated with each project, which is the premise behind open book pricing. Monthly draws include a summary invoice of all receipts, labor, and associated contractor’s fee for a given period; a breakdown of those costs by budget category; a change-order summary of all budget revisions during the period; a pay schedule for all checks to be cut to each subcontractor; and a copy of every receipt incurred.

Value For Your Dollar

Our job is to ensure you are getting good value for your dollar based on the complexity of your project.  The bidding process is our chance to get the best pricing for your project from some of the best craftsmen in Northern Colorado.  Our numerous trade contractor relationships allow us to competitively bid/price out each scope of work for your project, and select the most qualified firm to ensure your resources are being spent wisely based on your vision.