Home Remodeling & Renovations

"We prefer to work smarter, not harder. A few minutes of planning up front typically avoids hours of frustration & heartache in the future. Our goal is be proactive and identify and avoid any problems before they ever happen".

Your Remodeling Experience

A major home remodeling project can be a wonderful life-changing experience. At the same time, we also know that done poorly, it can be extremely stressful for the homeowner. As an experienced home remodeler, at Lamar Valley Craftsman we make every effort to ensure your experience is as pleasant, comfortable, and rewarding as possible. For us, the quality of the remodeling experience is as important as the quality of the final product. We understand we are about to be in your space and invade your home, and we are fully aware there can be fears during this time. How do we help you overcome those fears?

Systematic Approach

At Lamar Valley Craftsman, our approach to home remodeling is the same as our philosophy on building a custom home. We use a systems approach to the process, open book management, and innovative design. We listen to our clients’ needs and generate a comprehensive home remodeling action plan centered on communication, client input, and a team approach to decision-making.

Planning & Communication

Extensive planning, due diligence, and communication is required for all home remodeling projects, but when you are living in the home during the remodeling and building process, it becomes even more important to have critical conversations early on to make sure a detailed game plan is outlined and executed that supports you and your family’s needs.

This plan includes:

  • The security of your home – Who is coming and going during the day and what are the protocols for access.
  • Caring for four-legged family members – Who lets the cat/dog out during the day.
  • Dust control – What is the game plan for keeping your space clean during the building process.
  • Arrival and departure times – We want to ensure our trade contractors are not disrupting your family any more than is necessary.
  • Parking – We want to take care to protect landscaping.
  • Scheduling – If you have planned family activities, days off from work and school, etc., you may prefer a quiet house.
  • Being a good neighbor – We want to introduce ourselves to the neighbors and made them feel comfortable with what is happening. It is their neighborhood also!

Project Manual & Checklist

The Lamar Valley Craftsman Project Manual, our 125+ page quality control manual of pre-construction details, scope of work requirements, and inspection checklist of completed items ensures nothing is missed along the way and that each of our clients’ projects are built to our level of excellence. Each section of this manual also has specific items outlined for home remodeling projects only.

Lamar Valley Craftsman is Lead Paint Certified by the EPA, certification #NAT-100079-1, so we have your family’s interests at the top of our priority list.

Large or Small

No matter the scale of your home remodeling project, you can rest assured that it is as important to us as any home we have ever built, and our selective networks of trade contractors are the best in the business. They allow us to make virtually anything possible with a home remodel, and they are as dedicated to a smooth process through open communication as we are.

If you see something in the gallery you like or would like to talk to us about your dreams for remodeling your current home, please contact us today or call (970) 690-8526 now for a free no obligation consultation.