The Custom Home Building Process

“The journey starts by listening to our clients’ needs and putting together an action plan that brings the vision to reality.”

We know that the custom home building process, or the process of remodeling an existing home, can be a daunting task. We are here to make it fun and easy, guiding you through the decision-making process.  A new home should be the perfect blend of design, quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and most importantly, a reflection of each homeowner’s personality.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations and make sure you enjoy the journey, and our custom home building process is designed to remove the stress. Our systems-based approach is designed to support you, the most important member of the team.

The core of what we do at Lamar Valley Craftsman is we manage time, money, and details.

Specifications and Selections

We have a standardized 20+ page specification book that covers all details of the project from mechanical system design to what colors to paint the kids’ rooms. All details are organized and planned for well ahead of time.

Bidding and Trade Contractors

The bidding process is our chance to get the best price for your project using some of the best craftsmen in Northern Colorado.  Our many relationships allow us to competitively bid every scope of work with multiple vendors and carefully select the most qualified firm based on your project’s level of detail.


Every aspect of construction is coordinated using Microsoft Project software. Team meetings, client selections, and trade contractor arrival and completion dates are planned for well before a shovel of dirt is turned.  We give you your move-in date early on, so you can plan your personal life accordingly.


The budget is organized within a comprehensive spreadsheet system with monthly draw requests, variance reports, and cost categories that track where your resources are spent from day one.  Our 12-page cost worksheet is provided to you early on in the custom home building process, so you understand all details as to what your project costs are. Learn about our open book pricing.

Quality Control

We use a 125+ page quality control manual for both new homes and remodels that outlines preconstruction details, scope of work requirements, and a completed work inspection checklist to ensure nothing is missed along the way.

“For us, the quality of the building experience is as important as the quality of the final product.”